Red Pro X

Elevating Safety at Heights with a range of Rescue and Evacuation Solutions

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Innovative Rescue and Evacuation Equipment

Introducing RESQ Red Pro X (RPX)

Cresto Safety is thrilled to present RESQ Red Pro X (RPX) range. This rescue and evacuation equipment is a game-changer in ensuring safety at heights. Let’s explore its innovative features:

  • Single-sided use for safe handling
  • Universal power tool-interface for heavy lifting up to 255m
  • Top-mounted swivel for optimal positioning in tight conditions
  • Laser printed, easy-to-read data and pictograms permanently engraved on the body


Max. Distance / load

255M / 280KG



Controlling the heat

Verified performance



Training and Usability

Easy and safe handling

With its intuitive design, the RESQ RPX ensures a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and requires minimal training. This makes it an ideal choice for teams with existing GWO or similar height training certificates.

Harnessing 25 years of innovation and real-world insight from professional climbers, RESQ RPX's design prioritizes safety and efficiency. Its single-sided use eliminates unnecessary movements, allowing you to act swiftly in critical moments. With an easy-to-handle top-mounted swivel, even tight spaces are no match. Plus, never second guess your gear - our device features clear, permanently engraved laser-printed data and pictograms.

The Complete Package

A Rescue and Evacuation Solution with Accessories

Every RESQ RPX Original is delivered as a complete set comprising:

  • RESQ Vacuum with a service interval of 10 years
  • Plastic storage box
  • Accessory kit

This package is a comprehensive rescue and evacuation solution, ensuring you are prepared for any emergency.

Equipped with a power-assisted lifting function, the RESQ RPX makes long-distance lifting a breeze. With the aid of a standard power tool, effortlessly lift loads up to 140 kg over an impressive 255 meters.



ED Pro X

The Simple model for evacuation only

Seeking swift and secure descent equipment? Check out Cresto Safety's streamlined ED Pro X - a handwheel-free, modular version of RESQ Red Pro X designed specifically for long, heavy descents where easy handling and safety take center stage.

Customer Testimonial

"We have thoroughly tested the device, and all instructors were very enthusiastic, particularly about the swivel which gives the device much more flexibility in terms of anchoring, and also about the cam cleats. Those cam cleats keep the rigging of the rope simple for the end-user and will avoid rigging faults in stress situations.

As a training provider, ‘cost of ownership’ is also very important. Hence, sturdy design is necessary, and we particularly like that the rope is kept separate from the brake chamber avoiding transfer of heat during long descents. In addition, this design also prevents dust from the brake from contaminating the ropes during intensive use in training conditions."

Kris De Sutter – RelyOn Nutec

Training and Inspection

Trust RESQ For Safety At Heights

In critical moments when every second counts, height workers and GWO-certified engineers trust the RESQ RPX, meticulously designed for effective rescue and evacuation, especially in high-risk environments. Choose RESQ, the embodiment of Cresto Safety's commitment to safety at heights, for solutions that are intuitive, versatile, and sustainable.

Let the RESQ RPX be your reliable companion in maintaining safety at heights. Trust in RESQ, the life-saving solutions with verified performance.

Technical Specification


   ROPE    Kernmatle Rope 9,6mm EN 1891:1998 A
   MATERIAL ROPE:    Polyamide/polyamide 32-braided kermantel construction 9,6mm
   STANDARDS:    EN341:2011 cl.C 200kg , EN1496:2017 cl.B
   COMPLIANCE:    ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2013 , CAN/CSA Z259.2.3:16
   MAXIMUM LOAD (KG):    200kg “connect and Go” 280kg “with extra friction”
   MINIMUM LOAD (KG):    40kg

   -30°C, -40°C in a RESQ Vacuum pack

  MAXIMUM LIFTING CAPACITY:    140kg ”Expert use up to 280kg”
   MAXIMUM LIFTING DISTANCE:    255m (with power tool) Not included
   DESCENT SPEED:    1,3m/s with a load of 40kg up to 1,7m/s with maximum load

Bespoke solutions based on your specific needs

Looking for a tailored rescue and evacuation solution?

Look no further than RESQ's Red Pro X and Ed Pro X, available in a spectrum of configurations to match your unique needs. Our customizable, all-terrain containers - built with durable plastic or lightweight aluminum - offer seamless access, easy inspection, and up to a 30-year lifecycle with a single service at the 15-year mark. Discover more about our vacuum solutions here.

RESQ: Lifesaving made simple, sustainable, and secure.